Friday, April 25, 2008

Reading Out Loud!

Please join us this Saturday Evening at 8pm for Reading Out loud.

Read your own poems, passages, words, or something that kicks your ass! All guests are encouraged to participate! Word is, local legend Walt Curtis (The Peckerneck Poet, Mala Noche) will be on hand, reading from his work (although we were warned that he is elusive). This night will also be a debut for a book of writing by organizer Amanda Feriante. Looking forward to hearing what you bring!

totally free

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Katy Asher said...

read this out loud to your fellow pancakians:
I think we should get into the River Chelmer near Chelmsford in Essex in England and walk from one side to the other. We will leav ethings we do not want or think are helpful on one side and walk toward helpful things we do want on the other side. We will walk towards happiness, friendship, community, clean air and money. We will walk toward knowledge, understanding and patience. We will walk toward hard work and blood and sweat and tears. We will walk towards being good peopl eand changing things for the better. We will walk towards parts of our past previously overlooked or forgotten and pay them some proper attention. We will walk twoards writing e-mails to old friends we haven't written to recently. We will walk towards events that changed the world and learn things from them. We will walk towards parts of the world we haven't seen yet, towards new fields, new hills, new forests, new towns and difficult seas. We will walk towards Departures with nothing to worry about. We will walk towards emotional states we have no experience of. We will walk towards Jpegs, Gifs and Picts. We will walk towards afternoon tea and biscuits. We will walk towards new attitudes, new ways of doing things, new styles and new ways of saying words. We will walk towards knowing where we are and who we are. We will walk towards the weather, towards punishing rain and low cloud. With wet legs and dirty faces we will walk towards all of the above and everything that follows with open arms. Come on Gregg, take my hand and walk with me. (borrowed from my favorite of favorites, lone twin)