Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sean Carney Lectures Friday!

This Friday @ 8pm!

Madid Lecture with Sean Carney for Modern Conditions of Production!!!

As part of his
"Modern Conditions of Production," a month long series of performance happenings, Sean Carney will give a power point presentation on the lost species Madids. Based on the research of Dr. Ryan S. Jeneca, the presentation will bring light to an aquatic hominid race that evolved on the Eastern coast of Tanzania more than 1 million years ago.

To learn more about Sean's performance series, please visit his blog at

"MODERN CONDITIONS OF PRODUCTION is born out of a desire to retaliate against the mudane nature of our day to day lives. We are all creative and ponderous beings, yet we are for some reason or another captivated by arbitrary spectacles that include advertisments, marketing strategies, capitalist iconography and gentrification through unoriginal architectural invasions of our communities. We acknowledge the presence of these invaders of visual space, and seek to challenge their value through site-specific situations and performances."

We love you! Don't miss it!

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