Thursday, June 5, 2008

Group Show Opening First Friday!

Come on Down First Friday for a group show entitled "Group Show," which will be a showcase of all artists who are involved in the summer and fall schedule here at the Pancake Clubhouse! Over 25 artists from all over the west coast will be showing their best stuff, along with plenty of locals and a lawn installation! (did we mention we are totally insane?).

Music for the opening will be provided by Travis Wiggins and Spencer Doran.

This show will also be the debut of our caterers, Congratulations Cookies, who will be giving away free cookies during the opening. Specialty cookies with a generous helping of praise!

Artists Featured: Lacey Anderson, Awesome but True, Joby Barron, Nathan Bowser, Casey Cripe, Tyler Cripe, Jarrett Davidson, Joe Demaree, Luke Forsyth, Matt Green, Lauren Kinney, Ellen Leathers-Wishart, Josh Martinez, Meagan Mclean, Brian Merkel, the Office of Inclusion, Steuart Pittman, Jason Powell, Michael Reinch, Sarah Roach, Sandy Sampson, K Simms, Cyrus W Smith, Forest Stearns, Marshall Stokes, Mickey Thoms, Gina Tuzzi, Kevin Vincent Woida.

Friday June 6th, 6-9pm

We love you!

(image is of "Up in the Atmosphere," by Joe Demaree)

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