Thursday, July 31, 2008

Metal Video Night is here.

Tonight starting at 7:00. So much metal it hurts.

BYOH (bring your own hairspray)

New Future

New in the Pancake Clubhouse Giftshop this week: New Future by Matt Green. Easy living made easy, thanks to Sky Mall.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Metal Video Night! Mark your calendars.


Bring DVD's, VHS's, or web links of your favorite metal videos to play on the big screen, followed by a screening of the Decline Of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years. "Nothing makes me happier than watching Chris Holmes pour vodka into his own eyes in the comfort of my own backyard!"


Thursday, July 31st.

906 NE 24th. Ave.
videos start @ 7pm
movie starts @ sundown

Monday, July 14, 2008

Open Call: Dolphin Art Show

You are invited to Dolphin Infinity!

To Dolphin Lovers of Day and Night,

You are invited to immerse yourself into the realm of one the Earth's most fascinating mammals, the Dolphin. A creature that has enamored sailors, mystified biologists and motivated ancient myths is within your reach as it is interpreted through artistic efforts. Jarrett Davidson and McDowell along with the Pancake Clubhouse Historic Township and Activity Destination for the Living Arts would be honored to present your interpretations, investigations and inspirations regarding the magnanimous marine mammal that is the Dolphin. With your contributions, we can reveal the hidden cultural implications of our fellow mammals beneath the sea.
In honor of their intelligent and social behavior, we humans shall discuss and celebrate the notion of the Dolphin, as the show opens on Friday, August 1st. For the remaining days of the month of August, the Dolphins will travel into the unknown. The depictions and representations of these animals will gracefully swim their way into our hearts and minds, and shall continue to ride the waves of our consciousness as we consider our relationship to them.

Please drop off work at Pancake Clubhouse Historic Township and Activity Destination for the Living Arts (welcomes you)

All mediums & ideas are welcome.

Wednesday July 30th
906A NE 24th Ave.
Portland, OR 97232
Deliver work with title, price and description of medium by 8pm.

(mail-in submissions also welcome)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

"E2 and Friends" opens First Friday!

The Pancake Clubhouse is excited to announce "E2 and Friends," A show featuring current and former members of the art collective Empire Squared, based out of Northern California. The collective, active since 2002, continues to feature some of the most talented artists working behind the "Redwood Curtain." Alumni of the collective will also be contributing from all over the Bay Area, and from right here in Portland OR. Please join us on the 4th of July for a very patriotic opening. Local Marshall Stokes will be headlining this group show with some brand new pyrography (that's wood burning).

Bay Area: Casey Cripe, Tyler Cripe, Forest Stearns, Josh Martinez, Forest Stearns, Mickey Thoms, & Gina Tuzzi
Humboldt County: Donovan Clark, Jeremy Hara, Lauren Rose Kinney
Detroit: KT Andresky
Locals: Luke Forsyth, Cyrus Smith, & Marshall Stokes

This show will also mark the second visit of Congratulations Cookies, who will be giving away free, fresh baked cookies and praise throughout the opening. "Direct social reinforcement through fresh, on-site baking and salutations... Congratulations Cookies mark any occasion with fresh baked goodness-- right on time and right on site. The perfect compliment for your moment. Some call it "Cookies," we call it "Congratulations."

We love you! Don't miss it!

4th of July
906A NE 24th Ave.

Pie-Off Pictures!

Pie-Off was a blast. Thanks to all of you who came out, and to all of you who made delicious Pies. Bravo to Kalie Leggett, for another wonderful pie fest.