Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pancake Clubhouse and TBA

Big news pancake fans. The Pancake Clubhouse is proud to host "Neighborhood Projects," for this year's TBA festival. From Sept. 5th-14th, our storefront will be the hub of activities, programs, and projects of all kinds by students in the PSU MFA Art and Social Practice Program. For further details please visit the blog, or just stay tuned here!

24-Hour Residency: Brian Merkel

Brian Merkel

Artist as Handyman. Repair Shop, Show Room, Performance.

update! See documentation of the Artist/Handyman residency here.

During the opening reception of Neighborhood Projects, Brian Merkel will punch a hole in the wall of the Pancake Clubhouse. For the 24 hour period following this action, Brian will be hosting a repair shop. Please bring objects in need of repair* to the opening performance. Objects might include: tables, chairs, lamps, sculptures...etc. Repaired objects will be returned the night of the closing performance, when the hole in the wall will be mended.

*definition of "repair" to be interpreted by the artist/handyman

Opening Performance Friday, September 5th 9pm
Closing Performance Sunday, September 7th 9pm

Bio: Deciding to head west from Michigan at the age of 18, Brian Merkel settled here in Portland, Oregon. He currently works as a handyman for two retired philosophers who own property up the west coast. He enjoys tennis and is fascinated by trees. Brian's short film "Our Joey," loosely based on Joseph Beuys' performance "I Like America and America Likes Me," is being shown at the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival this summer.

About: The 24-hour Residency Program is an ongoing project organized and facilitated by Cyrus Smith for the Pancake Clubhouse Historic Township and Activity Destination for the Living Arts (welcomes you). During the 24-hour period of a residency, Cyrus acts as assistant, cook, and documentarian in order to bring focused attention to deserving artists and projects.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Dolphin Infinity Opening Tonight!

Dolphin Infinity

Organized by Jarrett Davidson and Michael McDowell, this group exhibition gathered "interpretations, investigations and inspirations regarding the magnanimous marine mammal that is the Dolphin." With contributions from Amy Kuttab, Sean Christiansen, Rose Swartz, Greg Pitters, Tripper Dungan, Theo Elsworth, and many more!

Opening is from 6-9pm tonight, during First Friday.

Opening will include a performance by David Cook and Sarah Mirk, which will involve a blender. Waterproof attire is suggested. 8pm sharp.

We Love You! Don't Miss it!