Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Dude Ranch at the Pancake Clubhouse!

The Pancake Clubhouse is back after our one-month break! This time with special guests! We've invited our good friends from "The Dude Ranch" to bring over all of their wonderful activities. Read on for details!

The Dude Ranch presents:
"Tap Dance Strip Tou
ch On Yer Grave."

7-10 PM

906 NE 24TH AVE

art show of works made by Jill Campoli, Nate Oester, Dan Beyer and Sarah Mirk.

Cole Robinson is playing guitar.

eating cupcakes and drinking beer.

reading the comic books in the "reading room."

the main event!!!
Makeshift Memorial Sculpt-Off. Everyone is assigned a team and each team is assigned a tragic event and each team sculpts a memorial for the tragic event using the available resources (hot glue guns, candles, cardboard etc etc). Then the best memorials win prizes and then there's a short, fun dance music show!
(did we mention the cupcakes and beer drinking)

Don't miss it! We love you!

Stuart Pittman: Artist in Residence

Enjoy this footage of our most recent artist in residence, Steuart Pittman, who filled the house with excellent vibes. Documentation is of an "incredibly simple mural" project, and a most outstanding Halloween Concert as Boomerang Boomerang.