Thursday, February 19, 2009

Serious Fun, and Mess, and Beer.

*image by Hannah Jickling, paper mache, 4th grade.

Come on down to the Pancake Clubhouse for two very austere and recession driven special events in preparation for the Holocene Mini-Golf Invitational!

We were invited to contribute to this prestigious annual invitational, and things are getting really weird! We are building a "Pancakes of the World in Space Waffle House (in multi-dimension), which will be totally amazing. We're on the home stretch, and want you to join in on the fun! Don't miss it! We love you!

MFA in Paper Mache

Free School & Workshop
Friday, February 20th 5pm-9pm

Hosted by Hannah Jickling, founder of the MFA in Paper Mache program of Portland State University. This is a new and innovative program that combines contemporary art-practice with recycling, slop and an age-old, internationally used art-form. This seminar will be the first of it's kind for the MFA in Paper Mache!

"Paper mache, the people's medium, taken to new graduate level lows and back-up to hands-on feeling-the-love-fulfillment-in-your-heart-and -in-your-art highs.

MFA in Paper Mache is low pressure and low-fi.

MFA in Paper Mache wants you to need to make something."

Come get messy for the sake of art!

Will Work for Beer!
Painting Party
Saturday, February 21st

Come help us finish the mini-golf hole, while we feed you beer and pancakes! This is the final push to prepare for the Holocene Mini-Golf Invitational and we need your help!!! And we want to give you beer! And Pancakes!!! Paint and brushes will be provided! And pancakes!!! And BEER!!!

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